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Serving Your Communities For Over 100 Years

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H.G. Hill has always been locally owned and operated, community oriented, supportive, and responsive to the needs of the surrounding neghborhoods. H.G. Hill has been known for many years for the quality of the meats and produce, and for the selection of regional and local items that are not available in chain stores, that are based and managed out of state. H.G. Hill owner operators live in your community, are available and responsive to local needs and requests and are ready to serve you.

Best Choice Save-a-Label Program

Best Choice Save-a-Label

Earn .03 cents per label for your non-profit organization! Redeem bundles of 1,000 labels (UPC portion) for $30 per bundle. To set up your non profit organization, call 1-913-288-1165

Apple for Students
Receipts for Schools

Receipts For Schools

HG Hill now offers an opportunity for you to participate in an incredible program that allows local schools to earn FREE educational equipment! Turn cash register tapes collected from H.G. Hill into valuable and important educational equipment that local schools would otherwise only dream of getting. To get the program started, you can help us by shopping at HG Hill. Then simply drop your receipts in the school box of your choice in the store on your way out. If your school is not represented, tell your principal about the program and encourage them to contact the local HG Hill store manager for details. Ask your neighbors, friends and co-workers to collect tapes too! Local schools are counting on your support and participation. Our goal, of course, is to provide the best competitive education for all of our students. Your participation in this program is very important. See your neighborhood HG Hill Store for more details.

HG Hill is your neighbor & cares about your community.

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